By Dr. Jeffrey Galler
September 20, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Patients often come to see Dr. Jeffrey Galler at his Brooklyn, NY dentistry for a straighter smile, but they do not want to have to deal withinvisalign the embarrassment of wearing traditional metal appliances. If this is your concern, Dr. Galler may be able to straighten out your teeth discreetly and quickly thanks to Invisalign.

Ways to Straighten Your Smile
The goal of an orthodontic treatment is to gently move the teeth over a period of time until they are closer together (but not crowding), straighter, and meet together more comfortably when you bite down. Metal or ceramic brackets are the required treatment for patients who have more advanced cosmetic problems and are usually recommended for pre-teen patients. But some adults who have minor issues can avoid brackets and wires when they want to straighten out their teeth.

The Most Discreet Solution
If you want a discreet way to get your smile straighter, ask your Brooklyn dentist if Invisalign will work for you. Invisalign is a modern cosmetic treatment that has revolutionized orthodontics. About 18 to 30 custom-shaped clear plastic trays are created using a 3D computer system that will map out the way your smile will look at key points in the treatment period. Because the trays are clear and removable, no one has to know you’re wearing braces.

Benefits of Invisalign
Invisalign is the clear solution for people who can't wear regular braces for social or professional reasons. These are the most important benefits to consider:

- You can remove your Invisalign braces whenever you need to, though it is advised that you wear them for at least 22 hours a day.
- Your teeth will look better after about a year (compared to two to three years with metal braces).
- You can still eat the same solid foods without discomfort.
- The last aligner tray will be a retainer to ensure that your smile stays straight.

Your Smile Matters
If you’re not pleased with the looks of your smile, contact the office of Dr. Geller to have it straightened out. Call (718) 253-6605 today to have Dr. Galler straighten your smile discreetly with Invisalign.


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